Carl and Marie Burgundy know it very well : just two or three steps from the hotel there is a flowery haven of peace and tranquillity. It’s a good place to enjoy a walk along the shaded paths with family or friends and it’s a lovely spot for a reading break or a picnic. Since they can’t keep a secret from you, they’ll let you in on it – their special place is the gardens of the Palais Royal.


From one garden to another

First the gardens were strictly French, designed by the King’s own gardener, Peter Desgotz. However, they were redesigned by Philippe d'Orleans who ordered the construction of pavilions and galleries. They quickly became a firm favourite with the literary set and bookstores, cafes and other establishments sprung up including, if we are to believe some of the gossip, salons of debauchery. It’s whispered that the police prohibited access but grand ladies in light clothing frequented the apartments above the Grand Vefour and Danton, Robespierre and many others passed through their illustrious doors. Musicians, bear tamers and gallant women were sadly all dislodged by Charles X and the palace and its gardens became, one again, simply palaces and gardens.


Let us walk under the trees

It’s good to stroll hand in hand through the heart of this elegant neighbourhood amid the soft green foliage of the linden trees and the warm red of the chestnuts. Yellow, purple, and orange flower beds are reminiscent of warm sunny days and long established green velvet lawns just call for you to sit and take a break – unless you prefer the pretty green wooden benches or the freshness of the great basin. Perched on their stone bases, the Goat Shepherd and the Snake Charmer seem to watch over the tranquillity of their field while thinking of the rich times of the past when the columns and arcades rang with the sound of laughter.



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