As is their custom, Marie and Victoire Burgundy have decided to plan a weekend of shopping. Just for girls. The men are left with their sandwiches and toys while they head off to look at dresses in autumn colours, shimmering scarves, and the latest perfumes – the sweet scents are the perfect excuse to stop for a hot chocolate!


From the Faubourg to the Galleries

It must be said - the neighbourhood is filled with iconic shops where one can appreciate the feel of fine fabrics and elegant lines or applaud a designer's audacity. Mother and daughter walk towards the Faubourg Saint-Honoré which is just a stone's throw from the Hotel Burgundy. It’s fun to take time to linger, to stop to look at an elegant coat, a stylish skirt or the most fabulous leather boots. But where has Marie disappeared to?  Victoire finds her in front of the showcase window of a jeweller's where she's drawn by the magical appeal of the dazzling gems. Wouldn't those pretty hoops look lovely hanging from Marie's ears? And, come to think of it, those sapphires are just as splendid. What should a girl do?


A little crazy?

Take a few moments to think, of course! If Victoire wants to update her wardrobe, she certainly doesn't imagine doing so on an empty stomach. After tucking into an assortment of colourful macaroons, our shopaholics decide to make a quick (or almost) visit to the Galeries Lafayette followed by a detour to the equally popular Printemps. This is all for purely cultural reasons, you understand? These two architectural jewels have revolutionised the art of selling. They were built during the second half of the nineteenth century and modelled on their predecessor, the Bon Marché. Marie was considering buying a book on the subject - but should that be before or after the earrings?



Hotel Burgundy Paris, a 5 star hotel in Paris, at the heart of the 1st district