Meteors in Paris and the Fountains of Versailles by night are among the thrilling events recommended by the Burgundy Paris to make those sultry August evenings truly special.  As guests of the hotel, you’ll discover a new facet of the skies and waters as they bend over backwards for your pleasure!


Under the celestial sphere

No, the sky won’t fall on your head on 7th, 8th or 9th August when the Burgundy Paris invites you to share an impressive and splendid moment. A meteor shower will light up the sky over Paris when the passage of a comet through our atmosphere is visible as a trail of sparkling dust.  It’s certainly enough to turn heads, but don’t worry we’re not at risk so we won’t need the skills of that charmer Superman to save the day!


The "Grandes Eaux" Versailles

Those lucky people who saw the stunning film ‘The Gardens of the King’ know that bringing water to the extensive grounds of Versailles to create its magnificent gardens was not an easy task. And yet, in spaces covered by marshlands and forests, one of the most beautiful gardens in France was born.  The Burgundy Paris is the perfect base from which to spend an unforgettable summer evening discovering these magical places. Every Saturday until September 19th, the fountains of Versailles spring to life in a fabulous symphony of water, light and music. As the sun sets and the sky finally darken, the air seems to vibrate and warm. Suddenly, the basins of Apollo and Aphrodite, the groves of Girandole and Dauphin emerge to life as geysers of water burst forth in foamy waterfulls enhanced by light. The gods and animals of Versailles seem to come to life as they cast their shadows among the roses and boxwoods. A colourful firework display is a fitting end to this exceptional evening - highly recommended by your hotel, the Burgundy Paris.