From February 6th to May 6th, the Centre Georges Pompidou is presenting a retrospective - the first in 50 years - dedicated to the Hungarian-French artist who is regarded as the father of OpArt, Victor Vasarely.


The spirit of a pioneering creative

Through 80 paintings presented in chronological order - many of which have never been exhibited before - we explore the mind-blowing work of an artist rooted in the issues of his time and an innovator who pioneered the use of colours and geometrical shapes to create optical illusions. He wished to create works that could be mass-produced and thus reach the greatest possible number of people.


A constant search

Perspective, movement, optical illusion … the fields of research explored by the prolific artist are as wide and multi-faceted as his endlessly questing nature was restless. He went from black and white to colour, took an interest in photography, exhibited with Calder and Tinguely, developed the notion of plastique cinétique, invented the plastic alphabet, offered seemingly infinite combinations of shapes and shades of colours and studied the perception of movement. An exhibition presenting the career of a fascinating artist from an era full of intellectual excitement.



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- Victor Vasarely au Centre Pompidou

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