The Burgundy Paris, jewel of Parisian luxury hotels, enjoys a superb location close to Rue St. Honoré and the Tuileries Garden, and just a few minutes away from the famous Place Vendôme.


Before it’s known as luxurious or displayed on the Monopoly board, Place Vendome is a wonderful example of the city’s unique historical heritage. This little architectural marvel was devised in 1677 by the acclaimed architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart.  Through frequent name changes between 1677 and 1871 and the building of its famous column, the square has experienced 338 eventful years. Its famous column was designated a historical monument in 1922 and after months of renovation, the column has been restored to its former glory to celebrate its 215th year.


The first jeweller to settle on the prestigious place was Frédéric Boucheron in 1893. According to the story, he chose the location because it was "where light was the best." The famous jeweller was just the first of many great masters to choose this unique area. Early in the 19th century when the Rue de la Paix was created, the first fashion shops began to move into the neighborhood.


122 years later, dozens have followed in the footsteps of Frédéric Boucheron.


Maison Chaumet took up residence at number 12 and is a fitting illustration of the love affair that has emerged between luxury labels and the ‘place’ since 1907. From design studios to luxury boutiques and workshops, Place Vendôme can rightly claim to be the headquarter of the designer label.


As for the Dior boutique, it’s not by chance that it is present at number 8 today! The Dior fashion house was officially founded on 8th October 1946. The lucky number of Christian Dior himself, 8 has since been made part of the label’s history as the brand’s first collection was renamed ‘By eight’. It’s an amusing coincidence that the Burgundy Paris just happens to be located at 8 rue Duphot !


Like a priceless jewel, the Piaget boutique sparkles at number 16 Place Vendôme. Filled with wonderful masterpieces for you to discover, this luxurious boutique proudly wears the same black and gold colours chosen by the Burgundy Paris. The shop illustrates the technical and creative richness of the Piaget brand beautifully, and its superb jewellery and watches have gained the label a reputation for harmony and excellence over the past 130 years


In the evening, after exploring the many facets of Place Vendôme and discovering its many small wonders, you’ll be warmly welcomed by the Burgundy Paris team. Enjoy refreshing cocktails in the Bar Baudelaire, or indulge in precious moments of relaxation and well being in our prestigious Spa Le Burgundy by Sothys.