In August, the light is already leaning towards autumn and taking on the tints of late summer. It's the ideal time for a quiet walk in that romantic haven of peace and calm, the Tuileries Gardens.

End of summer in Paris

Of course, the sun is always present. It illuminates the monuments with its rays, makes the waters of the Seine shine, invites us to enjoy a glass of white wine or a freshly brewed coffee on the terrace or to stop for a break on the cool grass in the parks. That's what Marie Burgundy thinks as she leaves the children to rest in their rooms in the late afternoon and suggests a walk for two to Carl. Their feet lead them directly to the Tuileries Gardens, which are a just stone's throw from the hotel. They take their places on the green chairs that are set up in front of the big pond and give in to the moment – the gushing water from the fountain is soothing and the colours and fragrances of the flowers are enchanting.

A moment out of time

The two remain there for a long moment, hand in hand, before they rise to stroll, arms entwined, between the statues of Maillol, Rodin, and Giacometti. They appreciate the shade offered by the beautiful avenues of chestnut trees and the pleasant geometry of the French garden designed by André Le Nôtre, gardener to Louis XIV. But it's already time to leave and, as they pass in front of the Orangeries museum, Marie promises to come back the next day to see, once again, Monet's "Nymphéas", a work that she cherishes. Why not discover this and other major works from the Bridgestone Museum for yourself as they will be exhibited until August 21st?


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