From December 16th to January 9th, the Grand Palais becomes the Palais des Glaces. Building on the success and popularity of previous years, the Christmas ice skating rink is returning to the Grand Palais for a 2018 edition.


The Grand Palais of Ice

It’s difficult to imagine a more magical spectacle than that of this 2700m2 expanse of ice gleaming brilliantly beneath the magnificent glass roof of the nave of the Grand Palais. In broad daylight, as the sun pierces the skies of Paris, its reflections shimmer on the glass of the imposing structure before sparkling on the ice; it's extra, as the French-born poet and composer Leo Ferré would have proclaimed. But at night, when darkness falls, all the stars in the Parisian sky twinkle above, illuminating your glide on the frozen surface.


A festival of lights

Because, of course, there will be late openings. And shows. Glorious evenings when we can dance, when the ice will twinkle with a constellation of lights. When the music will thrum in our veins. When we can be happy, together, with friends, partners, family. When the magic of Christmas once again joins the party!



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Photo credit : Didier Lefevre / Groupe Ludéric

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