This is the 15th edition of an annual spring event that has proved to be a huge success in France and throughout the rest of Europe. Entertainment, guided tours, music, storytelling and workshops; all this and more takes place on this special night. Book your room now at the Hotel Burgundy to ensure you don’t miss this magical night of Saturday, May 18th.

A new way to experience museums

The concept of museums opening at night originated in Germany and was quickly embraced by the French public. It offered a way for the Ministry of Culture to attract new visitors, especially young people, to museums. Mission accomplished, and even more, for not only did young people enjoy the experience, but so did their parents, grandparents, little brothers and sisters. Today, the Night of Museums is supported by night owls from 7 to 107 years old!

To whet your appetite …

The ambiance of the Night of Museums is always special, even magical. It’s rumoured that the Curie Museum will host a storyteller to reveal the engrossing tale of Maria Sklodowska Curie, and that the exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Art and History dedicated to the cosmetics entrepreneur Helena Rubinstein will be illuminated by candlelight. But hush, head out on May 18th, at sunset, and see for yourself ...


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