After stopping off at the National Portrait Gallery in London, the King of Pop takes up his winter quarters at the Grand Palais until February 14th, 2019.


Michael Jackson, a multifaceted icon

The purpose of the exhibition is to illustrate, through some forty paintings, sculptures, photos, videos and installations, the singer's influence on contemporary art from the 1980s until today. An icon of music, dance and fashion, the issues of identity, race and celebrity he raised still resonate with considerable relevance.


Michael Jackson On the Wall

Through the exhibition On the Wall, you can discover the works of artists who have been inspired by the pop music genius. The Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming gives us an austere view of the star, who is also at the heart of particularly baroque and colourful achievements such as when only his eyes emerge from the curves and gilding of Mark Ryden or he rides the fiery steed of King Philip II under the brush of Kehinde Wiley. Then there’s the deceptively simple silkscreen by Andy Warhol and the Appau Junior Boakye-Yiado installation featuring simple black moccasins, on points, connected to multicoloured balloons only prevented from flying away by the ceiling. Vibrant and almost naive, it’s a very beautiful image of the star’s almost childlike strangeness.



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