Lovers of vintage cars will know that the Retromobile Show takes place at Paris, Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre from 8th to 12th February 2017. It’s a golden opportunity to (re) discover the Jaguar profile, the classic DS and the mythical Ferrari family. For Carl and Louis Burgundy, the event is already on the agenda!


42 years old ... And still beautiful

The Retromobile show is 42 years of age. And, if it attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world each year, it’s thanks to the beauty of the vehicles on display – some of them much older than 42! The most venerable can count well over a hundred springs. Take the Motos de France exhibition, for example; the highlight is the splendid De la Perreaux steam motorcycle that was built and patented by Louis-Guillaume Perreaux in 1871. She stands on her high metal wheels with her wooden handles and leather saddle, majestic and upright alongside the Blériot 1920, the 1939 Simca-Sévitame amphibian and even the Midual 2017. Louis dreams of being able to try them but fortunately Carl is there to make him see reason.


What stories, what legends!

You’ll hear many car tales at the Retromobile show; those of Peugeot and Citroën who will present some of their jewels in the same space, and the story of Ferrari whose red cars are inseparable from the history of motor racing. The Daimler TL30, one of five historic vintage cars, is also honoured and you’ll see eleven magnificent Renault vehicles illustrating the style and design of the diamond brand (including a splendid 1911 CH stagecoach or diligence!) and the jewels of Les Teuf-Teuf club, whose only dress code is "centenarians, at least". This show offer an invigorating taste of the essence of another century in these times of traffic and pollution.


Photo credit : @retromobile_paris on Instagram


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