The capital's most beautiful gardens will be honoured on September 23rd and 24th. The Fête des Jardins de Paris is in full swing and hectares of greenery, trees, lawns and flowers are open to Parisians and visitors to the city. The Burgundy family is among the event's most enthusiastic followers.

Hoes ...

Participants include Victoire and Carl. Rubber boots, hoes in hand, they are preparing for the run from Parc Monceau to Parc Georges Brassens before rushing to the Garden of the Birds. They will then end the day at the Jardin des Plantes where they'll take part in some of the gardening workshops on offer. Sowing, cutting, transplanting – no task is too small and their fingers are eager to dig into the moist earth. They'll want to put their new knowledge into practice later so they certainly won't miss any of the demonstrations on urban vegetation proposed by the Gardens of Eoles - walls, roofs, balconies, trees, nothing will escape our intrepid gardeners.

And books

Louis and Marie, on the other hand, are more willing to take on the theoretical part. No question of getting a pain in the back from trying out heavy planting or risking sciatica by lifting a watering can that's sure to dump most of its cold water on your feet. Therefore, it's with books and notebooks to hand that mother and son will enjoy the conferences on biodiversity in Luxembourg, the guided tour of the shared garden at the Ruisseau and the botanical village at the Floral Park. The family will then meet for a pleasant picnic on the lawn where they can compare the respective merits of the vegetation wall, permaculture or the container vegetable garden before returning to the Burgundy Paris.