Paris Photo, the international fair dedicated to the art of photography, returns for a 19th edition from November 12th to 15th beneath the soaring glass roof of the magnificent Grand Palais. This year, this event is set to be better than ever and Le Burgundy Paris is delighted to help spread the word.


A journey through time


Only 19 editions old, yet Paris Photo has firmly established itself as one of the world’s foremost photographic fairs. Hugely popular, and boasting an enviable international reputation, the scope of the fair is positively panoramic, inviting the visitor to travel in time from the earliest days of images captured on light sensitive paper through to the cutting-edge creations of today, demonstrating exactly why photography is an art form. No less than 147 international galleries have responded to the call for talent sent out by the organisers and are ready to fulfil the demands of a public increasingly knowledgeable and erudite. 27 publishers specialising in photography books round out the cast, as it’s true that the fate of the book remains inextricably linked to that of the still image.


A unique sensory experience


The most eagerly anticipated presentations of this wide-ranging event will be displays of serial works in large formats that will offer us an unprecedented sensory experience. More than ever, the exhibition focuses on the conceptual boldness, as well as the formal research, of the photographic medium. The event will be enhanced by interviews and awards sponsored by big names in publishing and business.


Another visual treat


Le Burgundy Paris, a discreet temple of fashion, offers a natural extension to this celebration of photographic art. Its minimalist decor, with clean lines and subtle colours, makes a fascinating complement to the chic luxury and voluptuousness for which France is renowned. Patio, canopy, spa, bar ... these spaces are available in the manner of a change of scenery at the theatre, offering photographers and their models a constantly fresh and appealing backdrop. Indeed, Le Burgundy Paris is a virtual extension of the visual treat that is Paris Photo.




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