The famous Printemps store will celebrate its 150th anniversary this year ! Happy Birthday !

Many artists and designers were called upon to contribute their talents to the occasion, and Printemps offers an uninterrupted series of great events over the coming months. The Boulevard Haussmann store offers an exceptional showcase for artistic talent, elegance, innovation and imagination. The ornate facade and the amazing chocolate atrium are true works of art.

Le Burgundy Paris is just a couple of steps from this beautiful store, allowing you to be a part of this extraordinary birthday. Both the hotel and the store have much in common, and are each heralds the French art of living, blending chic elegance and good taste with tradition and innovation, making the Burgundy Paris the natural choice for those wishing to celebrate this milestone of life in Paris.


The year of Printemps’ 150 birthday

Customers and clients from Printemps are sure to remember the year 2015.  As the store is keen to mark this anniversary, many top brands have made their own contribution by offering unique creations or collections that define their own particular style. In fact, 400 brands have created 1,000 special editions for the event, a truly unique and remarkable landmark in the history of department stores, and one that is certain to be noticed.


Printemps Haussmann in Paris, the historical store of the famous brand

It's a real honour for the original store to be at the forefront of the anniversary celebrations, and a great deal of effort has been put into creating an exceptional setting that evokes the essence of artistic creation by Printemps for its 150th anniversary. The store's wonderful architecture lends itself perfectly to the project, and the facade and windows provide the perfect setting for fabulous feats of contemporary art.  However, by its nature this is a transient event, so if you want to see it, it really is now or never !