Situated between the 1st and 8th arrondissements, the Rue Saint-Honoré is home to many art galleries that offer a magnificent showcase for current trends in the art market. They are also a great way to discover lesser-known artists. Setting off from the Hotel Le Burgundy, you can head up the Rue Saint-Honoré towards the Rue de Miromesnil to discover the art galleries of the district…


Through styles and eras

As you go from one gallery to another, you’ll pass between worlds in a few steps. And that is the charm of the Rue Saint-Honoré! The Galerie Florence de Voldère invites you to discover the 17th century Dutch artist Ana Maria Janssens and her astonishingly modern floral compositions, while the Galerie Mayoral is providing the Catalan artist Jordi Alcaraz with an exhibition space for his research on plastic materials and traditions. Finally, the Jadis et Naguère bookstore is currently exhibiting superb prints by Pierre Roche and Roger Marx.


All the creative wealth of the 20th and 21st centuries

Several galleries on the Rue Saint-Honoré and the Rue de Miromesnil focus on the various artistic currents of the previous century. While the Galerie de la Présidence honours a magnificent painting by Vlaminck from his Cézanian period, the Galerie Jacques Bailly continues to celebrate the genius of Duffy. Closer to home, the powerful and moving birds of Danka Dimitrijevic seize our attention at the Galerie Boris while the peaceful Sicilian landscapes created in pastel by Giovanni Viola lend their exquisite serenity to the Galerie Éric Coatalem.


A few steps from the Hotel Burgundy, the Rue Saint-Honoré has a number of art galleries that demonstrate the dynamism of the Parisian market. As you stroll, you’ll discover the marvels and the favourites of the various gallery owners in the district... 


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