From 19th to 22nd October, Paris will host the FIAC or, for the uninitiated, the International Contemporary Art Fair. It’s an event that combines culture and leisure and one that the Burgundy family wouldn't miss for the world.


The Contemporary Art Fair

FIAC was founded in 1974 so we're celebrating its 44th edition this year. The exhibition will take place at the Grand Palais, as it has each year since its second edition.  You'll also find lots of events 'outside the walls' at the Petit Palais, Churchill Avenue, the Tuileries Gardens, Place Vendôme and the Eugène Delacroix Museum.  It’s worth noting that sculpture, painting, photography and design from the 20th and 21st centuries are honoured here and spaces are dedicated to young designers from all over the world.


The festival for contemporary art lovers

Carl is a formalist: each year he buys one of the pieces of furniture that defines that edition: a refined ergonomic desk, a comfortable armchair with inviting curves, a slender lamp, an elegant coffee table. Marie, who loves her living room just as it is, prefers to support one of the talented young photographers. Victoire, with Louis in agreement for once, wants one of the large installations presented at the Tuileries – it would look amazing in the middle of the garden pond if, of course, the family had a pond.  Getting back to Carl, he's spotted a splendid bookcase – it may not be very effective when it comes to storing books but the shape has caught his eye and he'd do anything to own it. Let's bet that the family will leave FIAC empty handed with stars in their eyes!



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