The 34th edition of European Heritage Days runs from September 16th to 17th, The event was created in 1984 on the initiative of Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture, and 34 years later there are still so many wonders to discover! The Burgundy family is ready: comfortable shoes, camera, lightweight jackets just in case ... now they just need to agree on a programme!

What to choose?

This year, Carl is inflexible: his first stop will be France Television. The public television channel opens its doors and studios to the public, guiding the novice in through mazes of corridors, revealing its secrets and offering demonstrations and impromptu scenarios. Carl, who has been registered since the end of August, won't change his mind! This may cause problems since Louis is determined that he won't stop until he has exhausted all the resources at the Heliport of Paris. Only a visit to the Museum of the Arts Forains might tempt him, provided there are pancakes and toffee apples, a chance to see the gondoliers race the coffee boys and at least 3 shows to applaud!

Two days will not suffice

Well, that's for sure! Above all, Victoire wants to return to the Museum of the Paris Bar before going to the Musée de l'Homme. Marie tries to get everyone to agree by opting for originality: first the Grand Rex, an emblematic cinema where visitors can delve behind the scenes of the 7th art before heading to the Quai de la Gironde to see the control post for the first lock of the Saint-Denis canal. The proposal is carried and the small group heads towards the metro and the first stop – the nearby Galeries Lafayette which unveils stories, anecdotes and architectural treasures for this year's event.