The Louis Vuitton exhibition enters its final stretch at the Grand Palais until February 21st. It’s a journey to the heart of fashion and luxury that have been very much appreciated by Carl and Marie Burgundy.

Not far from Burgundy Paris...

Only a walk of 15 minutes separates the Burgundy Paris from the Grand Palais. This exclusive exhibition has been a wonderful opportunity for Carl and Marie to stroll hand in hand to the Place de la Concorde. They were impressed by the imposing and majestic exterior of the building, opened in 1900, and they were even more impressed with the staging of the exhibition.

Where innovation meets success

Luxury, refinement and innovation characterise Louis Vuitton. Founded in 1854, the brand has continued to evolve along with modern traveling conditions. Those famous suitcases were first optimised for car trips and they were curved to allow rain to slip off more easily. But with the increase in train travel, Louis Vuitton suitcases were quickly transformed into a flatter shape, which could be easily stacked. It is this ingenuity that became the hallmark of the famous French luggage brand and it continues to this day. 

Time travel

As a tribute to the designer brand’s exceptional work and the evolution of its products, The Grand Palace has devised the "Volez, Voguez, Voyagez" exhibition. Go back in time, relive all the major developments in travel and let yourself be seduced by the magic of Louis Vuitton. Trunks and suitcases are well represented but you’ll also discover a vast selection of clothes and boxes displayed for your enjoyment. Like Marie, you’ll imagine yourself with this perfect bag on your arm. Or, like Carl, you’ll dream of travelling around the world equipped with a set of trendy Louis Vuitton suitcases.  And, just like them, you are certain to fully enjoy your walk round this delightful fashion exhibition in the heart of the Grand Palais.


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