The theme for the 2016 Nuit Blanche is ‘love’. The organisers are creating an event that is inspired by the romantic events of “Poliphile’s Dream" and you’ll be plunged into all the horrors and delights of his journey on a route that never strays too far from the Seine and those romantic bridges that poets hold so dear.


Love in all its forms

Love in a dream, or the dream of love, grief, denial, betrayal. Fortunately, pleasure, enchantment and absolute happiness are the pervading themes for 35 works exhibited between the Ile de la Cite and Javel. Perhaps you’ll pass Stéphane Thidet’s mysterious forest or discover the fragility of love through American visual artist Bridget Polk’s floating totems. Maybe your heart is broken : rush to the repair shop that’s housed at the end of the route. It will warm your soul and it’s where the sorrows of all those who have not yet found their Polia are consoled.


"Ta nuit sera blanche"

This is the prediction made by Alain Séchas’ cats to Poliphile. The cats are waiting for the return of the beloved at the Gare de Lyon and they won’t move under any circumstances. Nearby, performer Abraham Poinchevel is also watching from his perch on a mast 15 metres above the ground. It promises to be an exciting night and, of course, Marie and Carl Burgundy are looking forward to the party. They’ve already got their coats and scarves ready and they’re anticipating an evening that is filled with love and enchantment. Wherever they end up on the route, they’re certain to leave with special memories of a truly unique event.



Hotel Burgundy Paris, a 5 star hotel in Paris, at the heart of the 1st district