The Burgundy Paris is pleased to share some great news with you: from October 28th to November 1st, the “Salon du Chocolat” will take place at Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles. This is an exhibition that no gourmet, gourmand or "chocoholic" will want to miss - that greedy pair Louis and Victoire Burgundy would certainly advise you to be there!


Be enchanted


The first thing you’ll notice is the smell, heady and divine, a snatch of fragrance that draws you in even though you’ve barely crossed the entrance to “Salon du Chocolat”. Already your imagination conjures images of plush truffles encased in a thin layer of cocoa. Picture that delicious moment when you bite through the crisp case to uncover the delicate centre. Then comes the realisation that you’re not dreaming as your eyes take in elegant pyramids of chocolates, stunning displays of macaroons and rows of Florentines presented by the 300 chocolatiers, confectioners and bakers who have travelled from around the world to tantalise your taste buds with their exquisite creations. 


Chocolate in all its forms


From stand to stand you’ll discover increasing feats of creativity and flair. In addition to exhibitors, you’ll find leading chefs sharing their favourite recipes in practical workshops that allow everyone, big or small, to become a chocolatier for the day.  The “Cacao Show” takes us on a tour of the world of chocolate and music and the chocolate fashion show takes place at 17:00 each day. Get ready to watch an amazing parade as fashion designers and chocolatiers combine their talents to create beautiful outfits that are good enough to eat. Marie is certain to beg Carl to get her one! Then it will be time to applaud the World Chocolate Masters as 20 artisan chocolatiers from around the world compete with spatulas, moulds and pans to take the title.  Finally, it’s time to return to the warmth and intimacy of your room at Burgundy Paris, leaving behind the sweet scent of chocolate and recalling, in the words of the beautiful verse by Charles Baudelaire, “that is the bewitching souvenir which flutters.”



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