And so, it was planned; Louis and Victoire would organise a special trip for a beautiful August day. They spent a lot of time on the internet first trying to choose the best and fullest programme so, they're quite proud of themselves when they present the results of their searches to Marie and Carl – a trip to discover the capital's most original glaciers.

 Ice-cream, sorbet and skimos

Carl and Marie did try but they couldn't win. After all, an agreement is an agreement. Heading to the first glacier on the list, they take the Metro to Notre-Dame-de-Lorette and then go up the lively rue des Martyrs to 'Glazed'.  Free from artificial additives and extracts, the recipe here is simple but perfect – a base of base of milk, cream and eggs with fruit and spices for flavour and a dash of rock, pop or electro for the finishing touch. Dark Side with chocolate and maple syrup, Mr Green made from Iranian pistachio and cream of black sesame or Total Kéops with Maquis herbs? Marie is tempted by the Tunnel of Love sorbet which marries Marat woodland strawberries with Sansho Bay strawberries.

Paris by Ice

Second stage: "Spaghettina", for the German ice-cream that's made in a spaghetti machine at rue de Lancry. A popular classic in its native country, it is available in lemon, coffee, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and many other flavours. A short break and it's off again. The third glacier is "Nitrogenie" on rue Saint-Martin. Here, flavours are evolving and changing all the time. Louis forgets his inhibitions and immediately chooses a Caramel Sundae while his sister tries the very feminine Pavlova Pash, a mixture of vanilla, meringue and passionfruit. Carl finishes his Honey Cheesecake ice-cream and then enthusiastically steers his little troop towards the final stage of the tour -  the Place des Vosges and "Ice Roll".  The ice-cream here is spread on a plate like a large crepe, but frozen. It's then removed with a spatula and formed into a roll. Fun and tasty!



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