The Monumenta exhibition, a unique contemporary art show which takes place every two years at the magnificent Grand Palais, will be held from May 8th to June 18th this year. Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping has the honour of transforming the famous iron and glass structure this year. It’s a major event and one for which the Burgundy Paris has concocted a delicious cocktail of "culture and good living”.


XXL Exhibitions

Established in 2007, Monumenta gives carte blanche to an artist whose mission it is to occupy the entire 13,500 m2 of the Grand Palais. A challenge which Huang Yong Ping certainly measures up to since he specialises in creating giant creatures; his 130 metre Ocean Snake happily flows into its Saint-Nazaire estuary. At the Lille 3000 event we watched his huge Wu Zei octopus with tentacles eroded by pollution come to life. Plus, people still speak with awe of his space station-like vivarium, which was the highlight of Temple Square during the Nuits Blanches 2015.


A mutation in the jungle

Discover how the world is as described by Huang Yong Ping. As a backlash against the official art of the times and inspired by Dadaism, Huang Yong Ping founded the Xiamen Dada group in 1986 before leaving China during the events of Tian’Anmen Square in 1989. His work may be violent and disturbing at times and the artist is clearly influenced by the changes in our world and the powers that govern it. The nave this year will host Empire, an installation made of eight islands that the artist describes as a "symbolic landscape of the business world today". A world transfigured by ecological disaster that he has had to navigate; it’s a powerful and moving reflection.


In partnership with Le Burgundy

Le Burgundy accompanies you as you discover this exceptional artist by offering a "package" that includes reservations for one night, a ticket for Monumenta with private breakfast and a tour of the exhibition. A treat specially prepared by our pastry chef also awaits you, as well as a 10% discount on our SPA and a gift ... But shhh ... We don’t want to tell you too much!

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