Is it humanly possible to resist the temptation of a Christmas in Paris? Certainly not. Especially when we know that only a few minutes on foot separate the Hotel Le Burgundy Paris from the most beautiful avenue in the world, adorned for the occasion in her prettiest dress of light.


Christmas market on the Champs-Elysées

As every year, the small traditional wooden chalets have been erected and decorated to bring Yuletide cheer. The surface of the ice rink gleams a frosty invitation and already resonates to the first notes of "Jingle Bells." Night falls early, which is perfect as it makes the Christmas magic all the more intense. And if it’s cold, well, that simply adds to the atmosphere because, after exploring the market or tasking a turn on the ice, the reddened nose and the fingers encased in mittens can be treated to the comfort of a chocolate crepe, a chestnut cream waffle or mulled wine. This magical market and its unique atmosphere ensures as much pleasure for the person buying the gifts as for the person who will receive them.



A rink and rides

Whether with family, friends or children, indulge in the delights of fairground rides. Enjoy a turn on a merry-go-round spinning like the wind - almost - amidst the divine scent of candy floss and the stunning view of the Place de la Concorde! Then it’s time to strap on your skates! Whether you’re a graceful ice dancer or a hesitant beginner, you’ll fall in love with this place of glittering magic, and a few steps will take you from slipping and sliding to engaging in the most elegant of ballets in the heart of a city illuminated by multi-coloured garlands of light. And with your only roof the stars of Paris. 



A breath-taking view

But that's not all, because the magic of Christmas in Paris extends beyond the magnificent Champs Elysées. A few steps from Le Burgundy Paris, you’ll find with pleasure the “Grande Roue de la Concorde”, a magnificent Ferris wheel. Choose one of the 42 gondolas and, warm in your winter layers, you’ll be whisked up above the City of Light to enjoy a panoramic view!



The most beautiful Christmas windows

At Christmas time, the finest shops in Paris compete to amaze you with their creativity and imagination. The Galeries Lafayette, BHV or Printemps department stores present display windows that are enchanting glimpses into a magical Christmas world.


The team at Le Burgundy Paris joins Carl, Marie, and their children Victoire and Louis in wishing you a wonderful Christmas.




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