You can travel back into the dim mists of a prehistoric past when fierce giants ruled the Earth at the Jardin des Plantes this summer! Palaeontology is in the spotlight until September 2nd with the exhibition of an almost complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. Exciting for the little ones, fascinating for the big ones.


Exceptional exhibition of an entire T-Rex at the Museum of Natural History

After the renovation of the Grande Galerie de l'Evolution and the ever-evolving exhibitions that present knowledge in an accessible and entertaining way, the Jardin des Plantes offers a literally monstrous surprise as it plays host to a very rare, nearly intact female Tyrannosaurus specimen that was discovered in 2013 in Montana.


An exciting presentation

Around the impressive 67-million-year-old skeleton, which will make you feel very small and vulnerable, the Museum has created an exciting exhibition showing the beast’s favourite prey and her environment. You can touch casts recreating the texture of her skin, follow in the footsteps of the dinosaur hunters and take selfies with the T-Rex. Through an interactive presentation, the Museum of Natural History once again makes science accessible to all, with this superb specimen of T-Rex that will be here all summer. Visit her during your stay at the Burgundy Paris.