It is with great pleasure that we note the re-opening, just a few steps from the Burgundy Paris, of diptyque, a shop with a history dating back to 1961. Initially established on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, the brand has since spread across the world, but we are delighted to have it back almost on our doorstep, offering its superb range of perfumes, body care, candles and tealights at 332 Rue Saint-Honoré.

An inspiring story

In the beginning there were two; an interior designer and a painter. They were joined by a set designer. A pair of them focused on creating fabrics and wallpapers, while the third looked after the administration side. Together, they founded diptyque, a chic boutique where the trio could sell their textile creations and perfumes, as well as beautiful objects found during their travels. They left the capital in 1968 to experience new adventures.

Boutique Dyptique Paris


A rebirth

The story does not end there, however! Inspired by the paintings of Desmond Knox-Leet, one of the founding trio, Alix Waline conceived a new decor for the new diptyque. Eaux de toilette with delicate fragrances take their places on the shelves, alongside body milks, shower oils, balms and exfoliation scrubs. As for the scented candles and their wonderful scents of hawthorn, lily of the valley, orange blossom and gardenia, they transport us directly into the sweetness of a spring morning!


Boutique Dyptique Paris