The decision has been made, this Valentine's Day, February 14th, Carl and Marie won't leave each other's side for a single moment! This is their day, and their fingers will stay entwined during breakfast, as they stroll through Paris, and as they dine by candlelight.


In Paris - the day begins

Firstly, there's the sumptuous Burgundy breakfast of golden pastries, freshly squeezed fruit juice, rich, aromatic coffee and toasted sandwiches to be lingered over as the early rays of sunshine slip through the still-drawn curtains. Just then, a tornado is likely to blow through the door and land right in the middle of the quilt. Make that two – Louis and Victoire will be keen to wish their parents a happy Valentine's Day! Once the children have been delivered to helpful friends, our lovers are ready. Paris, the City of Love, is theirs!


The many faces of love

It’s always difficult to choose a romantic itinerary in a city as romantic as Paris. However, Carl and Marie's footsteps naturally lead them to the nearby Tuileries Gardens, the place of their first encounter. Marie was waiting for the Orangery Museum to open and Carl, who just happened to pass by, was captivated at first sight. Obviously she didn’t visit the museum! Today would have been the right moment to finally step in, but Carl takes her instead to the banks of the Seine where it's so delightful to walk in the morning sun. Lunch will definitely take them to the charming Saint-Germain-des-Prés. And after that, depending on their mood, why not head to Montmartre with its famous steps and its "I Love You" wall ? Or, maybe to the Luxembourg and its green benches or even the Gardens of Bagatelle, a haven of lush vegetation, small bridges, caves and waterfalls. What does it matter? Our favourite couple close their eyes for a moment, reach for each other's hands and move on.