Although there hasn't been the chance to throw snowballs at each other yet, the cold has certainly reached Paris. Marie realises with a touch of horror that her and her children's wardrobes are sadly lacking in warm clothing. Luckily, there are lots of appealing shops near Le Burgundy Paris !


For your viewing pleasure

Steeling herself, Marie puts on her coat and boots and, hands deep in pockets, sets off up rue Saint-Honoré. She is irresistibly attracted to the gleaming Christmas windows filled with gilding and snowflakes.  Yves Saint-Laurent, Gucci, Louboutin – how can she choose? This coat would look great with that gorgeous little simply cut dress – what a lucky find! And those lace-up boots will add just the right touch of elegance. A dash of Guerlain completes the picture – and all before Marie has even reached Place Vendome and its seductive treasures.


A resolution?

Marie is in a quandary. Was one of her good resolutions for 2018 to shop sensibly? Probably not, shopping is always reasonable. She decides that sometimes she overthinks things as she leaves the luxury boutique and makes her way to the café for a much-deserved hot chocolate. A hot beverage is essential in these polar temperatures and it will help her to think clearly. Maybe she will buy the boots. After all, the children can't go barefoot. Coat back on, she heads for the department stores. As she walks through the busy street between the Haussmann buildings, Marie imagines going back in time; corseted, capped and gloved, wandering the brand-new aisles of Bon Marche or beneath the luminous glass cupola in Galeries Lafayette as she delves into the world of "Bonheur des Dames". Opening her eyes, she has an irresistible urge to find books on the subject. Quick, the Palais Royale is just the place.