This important event is a must for gourmets and it never fails to light up the Parisian autumn. The 22nd edition of Salon du Chocolat will take place, as always, at Porte de Versailles from 28th October to 1st November. And, of course, Louis and Victoire Burgundy can’t wait to sample all the treats that await them at Salon du Chocolat this year.


Cocoa beans, ganaches and coulis

The first thing you notice is the smell. Heady, haunting and irresistible, it grabs you as you walk through the door and leads you inexorably on, bewitching your senses and guiding you towards the treasures in store inside. You’re powerless under the spell of a higher authority – a Chocolate Fairy who takes over and leads you through the aisles to present you with your first vision of paradise. Temptation is all around you; Florentines, cocoa, ganaches and thousands of chocolate creations that will dazzle you with their brilliance.  Over 300 participants from all over the world compare their skills and showcase their masterpieces at the world’s premiere chocolate event.


Everything you ever wanted to know

Expertise plays as big a part as talent at Salon du Chocolat. The greatest chocolatiers, the best confectioners and the most passionate artists don’t hesitate to pick up wooden spoons, whisks or bowls to show you how to get a smoother ganache, a silkier icing or a creamier truffle. Workshops, fashion shows and exhibitions punctuate each day and even Louis and Victoire will find lots to keep them busy between their endless chocolate samplings. And, there’s no need to feel guilty – even nutritionists agree that there are countless benefits to be found in cocoa and its delicious derivatives.



Photo Credit : © Georges Biard

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