The July 14th French national holiday is an experience to savour in Paris. The festive spirit reigns from the morning and there are lots of exciting activities throughout the day. Monsieur and Madame Burgundy certainly won’t be disappointed.


A must on July 14th

If there is one place that you really have to be on the day, it’s the Champs Elysees. During the morning, there is a superb military parade and the Patrouille de France drawing tricolour spirals in the air during its flyover is one of the highlights along with the elegant Republican Guard on horseback and the impressive Legionnaires clad in their traditional aprons. Even those who are not interested in military parades will love it! Then, before you go off to join in one of the many parties that spring up all over Paris, you must make your way to the Champ de Mars for the splendid fireworks that light up the Eiffel Tower and the Parisian sky. 


Preparing for July 14th

After the parade on the Champs-Elysées, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying some of the great Parisian monuments. While some businesses are closed, the main sites and museums, including the Louvre and Notre Dame, remain open on this festive day. Yet what will probably occupy Madame Burgundy is finding the perfect dress to wear to the Firemen’s Ball. In stations all over Paris, Firemen organise balls where old and young mingle, where you can dance to everything from the pasodoble to the twist and hip hop, or enjoy a drink in a friendly, good-natured atmosphere. Marie Burgundy’s young son is looking forward to meeting real firemen in uniform and the event is a great opportunity for the whole family to end the night with a party.

One thing is certain, a restful night at Le Burgundy Paris will be needed to recover from this crazy day of fun and celebration.


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