If you stay at the Hotel Le Burgundy Paris, in the heart of the fashion district, don't miss the exhibition "La Petite Robe Noire", which is being held until April 15th at the Maison Guerlain, 68 Champs-Elysées, one of the oldest perfume houses in the world. La Petite Robe Noir inspired works by leading photographers show all the possible variations on this iconic piece of attire; an essential item from the female wardrobe that continues to inspire designers, perfumers, and photographers everywhere.


La Petite Robe Noir yesterday

Since its inception, La Petite Robe Noir has had many forms. In 2012 Guerlain launched a perfume inspired by this classic image: elegant, feminine, with a certain indefinable je ne sais quoi. This tripartite exhibition is designed to confront the mythical images belonging to the past of La Petite Robe Noir with the more contemporary and futuristic images that it inspires. The historical part will allow visitors to see or review the most famous images of La Petite Robe Noir by way of valuable vintage prints on loan from the archives of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie. Here we see Chanel, the designer of this short dress consisting of simple shapes which showed how the modern woman could be stylish and elegant in a minimalist dress that allowed her great freedom of movement; a dress that could be enhanced by something as basic as a pearl necklace or a pin. Fashion and film seized upon this iconic model and the greatest actresses popularised its timeless appeal still further; legendary figures such as Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany’s", Catherine Deneuve and many others. Finally, who could forget La Petite Robe Noir imagery of the famous French photographer, Jean-Loup Sieff, with the plunging backs and lace?


La Petite Robe Noir today and tomorrow

The contemporary part of the exhibition shows the work of the Chinese photographer Liu Bolin. Originally a sculptor, this internationally renowned artist made a name for himself with his "China Report" series in 2007 and with his "Hiding in New York" photographs, in which he camouflaged himself against the urban landscape, his painted body blending in like a human chameleon. For this exhibition, he has created a flamboyant art installation, starring his wife, for a celebration of love and femininity. The students of the Ecole des Gobelins demonstrate their creativity with over a dozen video art projects, each lasting 20 to 30 seconds. These digital images scrolling on the walls and ceilings of the Maison Guerlain show a thousand metamorphoses of La Petite Robe Noir and its promise of a long future. The minimalism and clean lines of this iconic apparel are ideally suited for futuristic geometric forms as imagined by the students of the Gobelins. Here it is renewed by straight lines or trapezoid shapes, daring asymmetries and new construction breakdowns.  

Enjoy your stay in the luxurious and contemporary surroundings of the Hotel Le Burgundy Paris and go and see La Petite Robe Noir exhibition. These variations around a legend show that this enchanting fashion item was, is and always will be !



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