What is happening on the 6th of December? It's the festival of Saint-Nicolas, of course! Saint-Nicolas is the patron saint of sailors and protector of children. Though followed more in eastern France and the north and north-east of Europe, Saint Nicolas certainly isn’t neglected at Le Burgundy Paris.


Le Burgundy Paris – logs and festivities

Louis and Victoire would never pass up the chance to honour a man who saved three children - and who hands out buns and oranges. Not to mention all the gifts! As for the log…ah, the log another great tradition. We can save the history of the Yule log for another time, it’s enough to know that a fabulously trendy log awaits the 2016 holiday season at Le Burgundy Paris. Daquoise hazelnut, milk chocolate mousse and dark chocolate ganache combined in a log sham by our Pastry Chef, a wonder that comes with a couture branded Tiffany Cooper pouch.



The legend of Saint Nicolas

Saint Nicolas appears in both religious history and popular mythology. Nicolas of Myra was a bishop who helped the poor. He is said to have saved three young girls from a life of servitude by sneaking into their home on three consecutive nights to leave bags of gold which their father used to pay their dowries. We also hear of him resurrecting three young boys who had been cut up and put in a barrel for salting by an evil butcher. There are dozens of stories. On the 6th December, Saint Nicolas arrives on a mule and children prepare fodder for his animal. They receive three oranges to represent the legendary three bags of gold. Sometimes, the Saint is accompanied by terrible Black Peter sent after children who haven’t been good….but that’s just in the stories, right?



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