Executive Chef Guillaume Goupil

Having worked in the kitchens of Palaces and 5-star hotels such as the Michelin two-star Domaine des Hauts de Loire, the Faventia at the Four Seasons Terre Blanche and at the Michelin-starred restaurant La Scène in the prestigious Le Prince de Galles hotel; the talented young Chef Guillaume Goupil is now taking the lead at the Michelin starred restaurant Le Baudelaire.

He selects the finest seasonal produce and revisits them according to the latest trends. He adapts his cooking with precision and seduces the keenest palettes with the great classics from French cooking which can be found in every innovative dish created by Guillaume Goupil.

The Pastry Chef Pascal Hainigue

After making the magic happen in the two-star restaurant le Chambard, where he has been a Pastry Chef, or in the prestigious hotel George V, Pascal Hainigue joins the Burgundy Paris family to grant the wishes of our most gourmet guests and maintain the tea time tradition.


Passionate and a believer of back to basics, our new Pastry Chef is committed to reinterpret the must have of the haute gastronomy, which combines creativity and modernity.


Each dessert is a promise that you can already taste at the restaurant Le Baudelaire or under the atrium of the Burgundy Paris for the tea time.


On carefully laid tables the charm is undeniable

The dishes parade in a riot of colours and flavours. Each product is worked with delicacy and precision, to offer the very pinnacle of delight and taste. The menu is short and synonymous with freshness, its contents renewed with the changing of the seasons and revisited at the discretion of the products they offer. Six starters, three fish dishes and three meat dishes: the combinations are many and the pleasure of discovery remains an enthralling adventure. Especially since wonderfully irresistible desserts, created by our talented Pastry Chef, are there to extend the experience with light specialities and the classics of French pastry.

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The Baudelaire restaurant is open:


  • From Monday to Friday for lunch (12.30 pm - 2.00 pm)
  • From Monday to Saturday for dinner (7.30 pm - 10.00 pm)

Reservations by telephone at +33 1 42 60 34 12