A wonderful opportunity to celebrate your love, Valentine's Day finds its most magical setting in Paris. Romantic walks, dreamy evenings, romantic shopping trips and, above all, gourmet discoveries are on the agenda. For this unique day, chef Anthony Denon and chef pâtissier Pierre-Jean Quinonero of the starred Le Baudelaire restaurant of the Hotel Le Burgundy have created a prestigious menu with an emphasis on sensuality and surprise. Here’s an overview…


Surprising combinations full of delicious delights

As usual, the chef of Le Baudelaire takes a fresh approach to the classics of French gastronomy, reinventing them in accordance with his inspirations. Your Valentine's Day dinner will start with a variation on foie gras combined with tamarind and mulled wine. This will be followed by a surprising candied chou-fleur confit and brioche, sublimating the caviar and seasoned with a smoked condiment. The main course will bring you the unexpected union of celery salt and wild turbot before inviting you to savour an assortment of desserts including zests d'amour, all in perfect compliance with the theme of this special day...


An ideal setting

With its large windows and warm colours lovingly put together by interior designer Patrick Juliot, the restaurant Le Baudelaire creates an atmosphere that is beautifully refined, while also remaining warm and friendly. For your romantic meal, you will find there all the appropriate intimacy combined with, of course, impeccable service. To accompany your meal, you can choose a champagne or a grand cru from our wine list or let our sommelier advise you on the perfect pairing of food and wine.


At the heart of the Hotel Le Burgundy, the restaurant Le Baudelaire provides the ideal setting in which to express your love on Valentine's Day. Chef Denon conjures up all his magnificent creativity for the occasion and produces subtle and unexpected flavours. A true delight!


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Photo: Bungundy

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