As Easter approaches, it's getting harder and harder to stay out of the kitchen where the patissier Pascal Hainigue and his team are busy working their magic. The deliciously chocolatey scent is simply irresistible. The seemingly endless wait is rewarded, however, when suddenly the door opens...


And we see

An Easter egg! But this is not any common or garden Easter egg. This is something else entirely! Something stunningly creative! Set on a red cushion, itself placed on a pedestal of chocolate, is a broad, generous base, a curvaceous shape that rises gracefully to a slender and almost pointed summit. A sensual rich brown hue that attracts the hand, the mouth, the taste buds.




And inside this wonder

A door opens! It rotates, revealing ... Come closer! We’ll whisper the secret in your ear … A golden egg is hidden in the heart of this wonder made of macaque chocolate. A grand cru cocoa from the Brazilian terroir, with warm and woody aromas and a hint of sharpness in the aftertaste. A treasure within a treasure for you to discover in a limited edition from April 11th to 19th.



Le Burgundy Parisa 5-star hotel in the heart of Paris luxury district