"This is too much!", Louis Burgundy refuses to take one more step towards a museum, a monument, or even a store! "No, no, three times no!"  Nevertheless, Carl and Marie are ready, hand on the door to their suite. Conflict threatens until Victoire Burgundy decides to take things in hand and suggests ... a picnic.

A bouquet of flowers

Let's be honest, Victoire doesn't really feel sorry for her younger brother – rather, she has also had her fill of the cultural outings that her parents love so much. So, while strolling towards Le Burgundy Paris kitchens, she begins to wonder. Have the starred Chef of the Baudelaire, Guillaume Goupil and his accomplice, Pastry Chef Pascal Hainigue become florists? Or, maybe herbalists? As she approaches, she is intrigued to notice verbena scented melon over here, potato peel shavings and nasturtiums over there. Flowers and leaves everywhere. Borage flower added to the sea bream tartare – even the violet enhanced rice pudding wasn't spared, nor the rum baba decorated with hibiscus. What on earth was going on?

On the fresh green grass

"Well, come on!"
Oh dear, that's the Chef. Victoire has been discovered. Intimidated, she advances all the same, impressed by the pots, pans and salad bowls that are worthy of a giant's kitchen. Then she sees the blue-violet spots of the lavender on the polished stainless-steel worktop. Pascal seizes it and with an expert hand detaches the small flowers to incorporate them into ...
"The cake mixture. It's for the picnic."
And that's how Victoire first learned that Le Burgundy intended to offer its guests a specially prepared picnic and then deliver it throughout Paris packed in a pretty wicker basket. A deliciously floral picnic! Luxembourg, Parc Monceau, Buttes Chaumont, Parc Montsouris? All that remains is for the Burgundy family to agree on which lawn to share it – but that's another story!


Hotel Burgundy Paris, a 5 star hotel in Paris, at the heart of the 1st district