After treating us to his tasty and aesthetically pleasing Yule log, chef pâtissier Léandre Vivier presents his galette des rois (king cake). Deliciously and irresistibly indulgent, it plays with textures and tastes to create a subtle and delicious combination. Enjoy it at the hotel or take it away with you.


A tribute to the calissons d’Aix

A fan of simple pleasures and good products and being respectful of traditions, Léandre Vivier wanted to create a galette that evokes childhood memories. So, he put all the flavours of calissons d’Aix in there. In a croissant dough which gives it a brioche effect, Léandre has placed a frangipane cream comprised of honey, Provence almonds and orange blossom. The textures are equally alluring, with the softness of the cream and the croissant dough admirably complementing the crispness of the exterior. The beautiful golden colour and the elegant and discreet decoration help to make it an aesthetically delightful galette rich with the flavours of childhood. 


To enjoy the Burgundy galette

Léandre Vivier's galette will be available from January 2nd, 2024, and until January 15th. You can order it from our team or from our click & collect store and pick it up at reception to enjoy wherever you want. You will also be able to live like a king by savouring delicious snacks at the Charles, accompanied - and why not? - by a glass of champagne... It’s the perfect way to end in style a gourmet meal at the restaurant Le Baudelaire.


This galette des rois offers a moment of sharing and reunion around simple pleasures that evoke sweet childhood memories. This was Léandre Vivier’s intent when he created his delicious 2024 galette. Come and discover it by click & collect or by tasting it at the Burgundy Paris.


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Photo: Julie Limont

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