As the first mouthwatering aromas of the festive season are wafted to our nostrils, we are naturally filled with a sense of anticipation... So, let’s open – with all due discretion - the doors of the Burgundy Paris kitchens, where we find (what luck!) our pastry chef, Pascal Hainigue...


A chef at work

Our chef is a picture of concentration. Hunched over the hotplates, he stirs, whips and checks. The dark and shiny mixture flows. Take it off the flame, it is time to see to the caramel. Gorgeously golden, supple and smooth. Stop right there! It is perfect. On the worktop the chef coats, assembles and sculpts. The heavy, almost spicy scent of chocolate is intoxicating.


Christmas log or ice crystals?

Five branches, brown and tapered, glittering with gold, formed like the crystals of a snowflake enlarged many times. What could it be? The 2018 Bûche de Noël (Christmas log), of course! Although December is not here yet, it’s lovely to think about the power of this Brazilian dark chocolate called Macaé, and how it goes so well with caramel. This mellow chocolate biscuit contrasts so exquisitely with the crispy crêpe lace. The mousse that brings us to the melting heart of caramel is accented with the radiance of cocoa beans.

Fortunately, this delicious gem is available to order from December 1st, and can be savoured at the bar le Charles from December 15th to 26th. Phew!



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