On October 31st, the Burgundy Paris celebrates Halloween! We await you, in the magical setting of our lobby, which has been decorated in orange especially for the occasion. The Burgundy family is highly excited as the date draws nearer. Louis is already trying out his most frightening face. As for Victoire, she’s hoping that Marie will make her the most beautiful witch dress ever. Our rallying cry: ‘Trick or treats’.


Jack and the lantern


The always smiling Jack o’ lantern is an essential element of the Halloween celebration. It’s rumored that this major character was brought to life by a blacksmith named Jack. Jack enjoyed drinking and one evening, drunk as usual, he meets the Devil. The Devil wanted his soul but Jack, even drunk, had a gift for swift and clever repartee. Jack negotiates a nightcap and asks Beelzebub for sixpence for the purchase of the drink. The Devil turns into the amount requested. Jack thinks quickly and places the coin in a purse decorated with a silver cross. The Devil is a prisoner, Jack wins a respite of 10 years.  After 10 years has elapsed, Satan returns to claim his prize. But, this time the wily Jack climbs a tree that he has carved with a cross. The Devil capitulates. But on Jack's death he now can’t be claimed by either heaven or hell. Satan offers him a piece of coal that he places inside a pumpkin to light his way as he wanders for eternity. 


A secular tradition


Apart from this nice legend, Halloween is said to be descended from the Celtic festival of Samhain, which celebrated the passage of the "clear-season" to the "dark season". The harvesting of crops completed, Samhain honored the Earth as it entered a new cycle of life. The evil spirits were repelled and on this particular day communication with the dead was possible. While this tradition is claimed by the Christians at the occasion of the Feast of the Dead, Halloween, celebrated the day before, remains particularly popular among the Irish who introduced it in the United States. Thus, on the evening of the 31st, follow werewolves, goblins, owls and black cats without any hesitation as they make their way to the Great Pumpkin – and if your feet should take you to the Burgundy Paris, just knock on the door - there will always be a small candy treat waiting for you!



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