"My child, my sister,
Think of the rapture"
Invitation to the Voyage by Charles Baudelaire offers us an excellent point of departure. Jeremy Blanc, head barman of the bar Le Charles feels the call of the sea, the invitation of this vast world to slice the vanilla, smell the sake, squeeze the citrus and concoct a menu of summer cocktails that evoke the distant, the mysterious, the sensual.


And we’re on our way!

First stop, the USA and the sunshine and glamour of California, embodied by the cocktail called Lost in Hollywood that marries the flavours of bourbon and Louisiana with notes of rice syrup and Cajun spices. Then it’s on to the Caribbean for Queen Anne's Revenge, the Mexique with its spicy blending of mezcal, tequila and chilli, and Cordillière des Andes, in which stimulating mate is mixed with languid pisco.


Towards the Rising Sun

The journey continues to Asia, the Middle East and Africa before returning to Europe. Everywhere we can savour the wealth of the terroir via ingenious and innovative feats of mixology. We can attend the meeting of sake and yuzu, enjoy (a lot!) the mingling of galangal with coriander, and applaud the perfect synergy between fynbos gin, pineapple and avocado.

Delicious options to discover, the vagabond mood, lands where everything is beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness ... Thanks to Jeremy ... and Charles!


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