If Paris was a party for Hemingway, it’s a cocktail for the organisers of Cocktail Week 2017 which will be held from 21st to 28th January. Some fifty bars will participate, including, of course, the Baudelaire bar of Le Burgundy Paris. Chief barman Elie Favreau wouldn’t miss this event for the world! 


Everything you always wanted to know

Just like the previous two events, the third edition of "Paris Cocktail Week" will allow mixologists and gourmets to discover new flavours or perfect their knowledge of the ever-expanding universe of cocktails. Masterclasses, courses, meetings and, of course, tastings are on the programme of a week that will also offer to match cocktails to delicious dishes and snacks.


On the cocktail

You can expertly measure the alcohol, select and prepare the fruit, gently sweeten the rim of a flute or choose the glass that’s right for the drink. You’re able to easily distinguish the Cosmopolitan from the Spritz, know the recipe for that perfect Daiquiri by heart, handle the shaker like a God and casually reveal to novices that the Bloody Mary takes its name from Mrs. Hemingway. The time has come to embrace the luxury, tranquillity and elegance of the Baudelaire.


Make me a cocktail

The Baudelaire, where Elie Favreau, cocktail magician and master of the bar, awaits. After learning his trade at Fouquet's, the Bristol Bar and the Peninsula Hotel, Elie Favreau joined Le Burgundy Paris. It’s his pleasure to create the signature cocktail of your dreams. With one look, Elie guesses your preferences and the nuances that delight you. The next moment you see the elegant glass, the perfect colour and the mandarin or pink cherry, mint leaf or citrus peel that floats on the surface of the most wonderful cocktail in the world – yours.
One essential point - before diving into the wonderful world of cocktails, you should be aware that the barman has disappeared in favour of the “bartender” and that the term “food-pairing” refers to the perfect marriage of gastronomy and cocktail.



Hotel Burgundy Paris, a 5 star hotel in Paris, at the heart of the 1st district