The Parisian winter brings with it a yearning for the flavours of the north. Now that the season has spread its frosty blanket over the capital, the Burgundy has decided to fully embrace the arctic ambiance! Thus, the patio has become a boreal forest between the white birch trunks and deep green fir tree branches of which we now enjoy the delicious specialties of the northlands.



A stopover in Norway

The first icy step of this culinary journey takes place on January 29th and 30th. Scallops, wild halibut, and oysters from the fjords open up a colourful maritime world of strong and delicious flavours. This is the world you can discover with the Norwegian chef Christer Økland of the Restaurant 1877 in Bergen, who joins us for these two unmissable days alongside our head chef Guillaume Goupil.



Then on to Finland!

On March 12th and 13th, the Burgundy embarks for Finland with Tommi Tuominen, starred chef of the ULTIMA restaurant in Helsinki. Reindeer, wild salmon and arctic blackberry are worked into fabulous dishes with finesse, enhanced by berries, herbs and liqueurs found only in the frozen north.



An exceptional taste experience both for the quality of the dishes offered and their originality, born from the meeting between 3 chefs as demanding as they are talented.




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