The Christmas and New Year's festivities are barely over before it’s time for Epiphany! And the cake – or rather the cakes. Because we know how to celebrate all the most important events at Le Burgundy Paris, we’re getting 2017 off to an auspicious start. So our Chef proposes, not one but three differently flavoured King cakes.


From the Saturnalia…

Before we present these wonderful creations, let’s take a little leap in time with the Burgundy family. We have already seen that Marie is an outstanding investigator. Today we share her revelations about the origins of this delightful tradition. We find ourselves, once more, in the heart of Ancient Rome, where the Saturnalia banquets are in full swing. In every household, the time has come to elect the "king for a day" from among the slaves. A bean slipped into the cake designates the lucky one. The youngest is already under the table, distributing the shares.  Everyone crunches and finally, the winner brandishes his trophy. King for a day, all his desires (or almost all) will be granted.


…to the Mage Kings

‘Hey’ exclaims Carl, who has dressed for the occasion in a huge hat and moustaches worthy of Hercule Poirot, ‘Epiphany corresponds to the day when the three wise kings laid gold, myrrh and incense before the new-born baby Jesus.’ ‘Exactly,’ Marie replies, ‘but the tradition of the cake containing the bean dates to the Romans and the Epiphany celebrations were only instituted by the Church in France during the thirteenth century.’ ‘Oh. But…’


The three Burgundy pastries

Ever the pragmatists, Louis and Victoire, lead their still arguing parents to the kitchen. There they find that the chef has accomplished a miracle and that puts everyone in a good mood. Three pastries, one a light frangipane pâte feuilletée that exudes the voluptuous scent of almond, the next filled with caramelised pan-fried apples enhanced by a touch of salted butter and the third a daring but dashing concoction with citrus zest and matcha tea added to the frosting. A delight, or a sin?



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