Interested in the Cannes hinterland? The patio of the Burgundy has donned the mantle of the coastal town of Vallauris to welcome you amidst an atmosphere worthy of the great years of Picasso. Our intimate and delicately shaded patio offers beautiful table services featuring the colourful geometric patterns of the great ceramicist Robert Picault.


Grey-green, violet, orange ...

Pots, bowls, vases, water jugs, caquelons and small ceramic dishes were picked up by the art dealer Florian Daguet Bresson. All recall the colours and patterns dear to Pablo Picasso, and that’s no coincidence. Picasso and Robert Picault were neighbours in Vallauris. They met in 1946, beginning a long friendship and professional association during which the two artists influenced and learned from each other.




A pleasure to taste

Cheerful, stimulating, as pleasant to the eye as they are to the touch, the dishes of Picault go beautifully with those of our chief! Savour the wood-cooked monkfish tail with fennel, the roasted saddle of lamb or rhubarb poached with verbena, while comfortably seated on Jules Pansu cushions. It’s all part of the summer atmosphere that you can enjoy here on the patio of the Burgundy!



Photo credit : © Julie Limont

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