Frost, crystals, cinnamon and candles; you are at the Burgundy! At the end of the year, the Burgundy wears its winter finery. A delight for the eyes that quickly becomes a feast for the taste buds when northern delicacies and tasty Christmas logs make their appearance.


From Lapland branches to Vosges crystal

Those are indeed elegant branches just arrived from the Lapland forests that adorn our glass roof. Glass pendants, candlesticks, white berry garlands and mistletoe complete the Scandinavian atmosphere ... creating festive warmth. The magic of Christmas and sparkle of glassware continues at the bar, where you can see magnificent pieces from the venerable glassmaker Saint-Louis, which continues to create things of beauty from its studios in the Vosges. Experience party bliss by enjoying our Nordic cocktail in one of the crystal glasses of the company’s brand-new Manhattan collection.


Sheer seasonal heaven for the taste buds

He simply could not resist. After closely studying pepperkakers, those deliciously spicy Scandinavian Christmas ginger biscuits, chef pâtissier Pascal Hainigue recreated them in his own way. Just as, inspired by the hypnotic whiteness of frost on the already white trunk of birch trees, he expertly turned the Christmas log ... into a snowflake. But let's not reveal more; some of Christmas should remain a surprise!



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