Living in the heart of the chic Parisian fashion district, the Burgundy family pays especially attention to artists and designers for whom workmanship is equal to passion.  Discover their favourite design houses – those that combine a love of traditional cratsmanship with perfection and excellence.


Working with leather

Let's start with one of Marie’s preferred shopping address, Fauré le Page. Founded in 1717, this former arms manufacturer has been specialised in fine leather goods since 1920. Elegant and highly original bags reference its history; the ‘Petit Parade’ and ‘1717’ collections feature the famous ‘Scales’ motif that once embellished Fauré le Page pistols. The feminine small handbag « gun » is now a nod to the past.

Carl also has a crush on Pierre Corthay, an artisan shoemaker for whom two identical pairs of shoes simply do not exist. In his shop, modernity merges with craftsmanship.  The result is tapered shapes that are sensual and refined in unexpected colours and materials.

You’ll find the same attention to detail in Maison Fabre, a glove maker founded in Millau in 1924 (Paris shop is at the Palais Royal).  This family business combines expertise with a passion for history. Simple but chic, Fabre gloves are an elegant accessory that look fresh and stylish – even Victoire fell under his spell.


One fragrance, one time

And because Louis has also any say, you don’t want to miss a detour into the fascinating world of Antoine de Macedo. This watchmaker buys and sells old watches, but mostly repairs a vast collection of treasures in a workshop boutique that both adults and children will enjoy strolling through.

Finally, an address for the whole family : the perfumer Frederic Malle. His ‘back to basics’ approach is a truly original and interesting idea. Every creation is signed by the perfumer, and you’ll find a range of fragrances that is varied and delicious as you search for your own signature scent.


Explore these fascinating small boutiques at your leisure to enjoy an instant of happiness and joy.  The Burgundy family is always happy to help, so please don’t hesitate to ask them for other ‘magic moment’ ideas.


Illustration : Rachel Bergeret