An artist of piquant charm, Rachel Bergeret pursues a creative path that follows the impulsive lead of her heart. Her typical Parisian style has immediately attracted the Burgundy Paris’ attention. The hotel had a real crush on the artist and started, early in the year, a collaboration with her. The result of this association are the illustrations of the ‘Burgundy Family’. Henceforth the parents Carl and Marie, the young Parisians Louis and Victoire and Honoré, their faithful four-legged friend give a new air to the hotel’s blog articles, to the social networks as well as on the digital medias.

Indulge in this colourful universe through the Burgundy Paris’ website.

A look back on the career of a multifaced artist !


Fashion and embroidery, her first love

Rachel Bergeret is a devout follower of fashion. Very early she became interested in the designing of corsetry, bridal gowns and evening wear. Over a dozen years, she contributed to a several collections focusing on these areas. Thus, this passion for fashion is reflected in the two fashion victims Mary and Victoire.


Passionate and exciting

You might think that ll these activities would fulfill her ambitions. Not at all! Rachel has a passion for creativity and for exploring her artistic frontiers; a desire she now satisfies with illustration. A pictorial exhibition in 2009 showed the extent of her talent. Since 2011 she has devoted herself exclusively to the creation of highly individual artworks in pencils, acrylics and watercolours. This exciting career is reflected in her work for Le Burgundy Paris. She loves to represent her characters in vibrant settings imbued with her charisma and personal humour, thus giving birth to the romantic picnic of Carl and Marie on the Champs de Mars.

Her masterful artistic contributions to Le Burgundy Paris are perfect to offer to the hotel guests, coming from all over the world, an original insight into Parisian life.

On her website, discover more about Rachel, an eclectic artist who carries on to surprise us.