Once again, the Burgundy Paris has surpassed itself this Easter with an original and fun creation.

Julien Chamblas, the hotels new head pastry chef, has taken his inspiration from the approaching Spring with a completely revisited Easter Egg.

The Burgundy Paris Easter Egg has cast aside the traditional sobriety of a dull black coat to make way for a magnificent chocolate ode to the strawberry. Julien has created a trio of chocolate strawberries sitting on a bar of dark chocolate that has been delicately flavoured with notes of Piemont hazelnuts.

Made entirely out of chocolate, these three eggs have been filled with surprises to delight young and old alike. Each egg is made up of two halves, making it that much easier to enjoy, and the trio is made up of:

- The main egg containing a milk chocolate macaroon with bitter chocolate ganache, to share

- The middle egg filled with white chocolate sweets and truffles garnished with strawberry pulp

- The smallest egg opens to reveal a parchment containing the secret macaroon recipe.

The secret parchment is a way for the Head Pastry Chef to share his expertise and provide some precious tips so that everyone can re-create this desert at home, including the children.

Practical Information:

« The Easter Trio »

Price: 40 € - Weight: 400 g - Height : 15 cm Available between

April 1 and April 15 2015


Only available to order.

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