From the land of the Rising Sun and the rituals of the ancient Orient to the invigorating chill of the far and frozen north, the Spa le Burgundy by Sothys Winter Care menu offers a world tour of wellness and beauty.




Japan in the spotlight

One is dedicated to the body, the other to the face; the Hanakasumi and HinokiBo treatments we offer are inspired by ancestral traditions and designed to bring calm and radiance. The benefits of shea butter and cherry blossom extract are used for the first treatment, which involves a foot massage followed by a gentle compression full body massage that nourishes the skin as much as it relaxes the mind. The second treatment involves a facial massage accomplished with a ‘bō’ (stick) made of hinoki (Japanese cypress), and a cream based on yuzu, a citrus fruit of the lemon family. This massage is particularly moisturising and restores the complexion to a radiant shine.


Spa Sothys


From the rising sun to the northern winter

An ointment prepares your body for exfoliation, performed gently via a clay massage that allows the skin to regain softness and elasticity. Sound good? Or, perhaps you would be tempted more by the invigorating virtues of the far north; a swim in the pool, a sauna session, a self-heating body wrap... and an icy porcelain facial! Welcome to the land of frozen lakes and hot springs!



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