For Christmas 2017, our Pastry Chef Pascal Hainigue has created a masterpiece of flavour and aesthetics. Beautiful and delicious, it's a log worth savouring.


Yes, it's beautiful!

The words that Louis cried at the sight of this enchanting culinary vision pleased our Pastry Chef as he presented his masterpiece for the first time.  Even Victoire had to agree with her younger brother for a change, the Yule log is truly splendid. Imagine a 3D rectangle, a delicate cocoa in colour, it's three layers topped by the letter 'B' in dazzling gold leaf – five times. A spectacular festive log that tastes as good as it looks!


How good?

Marie is the first to try a mouthful, for educational purposes, you understand. Victoire looks on speechless as Louis takes the opportunity to serve himself. But let's be indulgent. It's impossible not to be enthusiastic when you taste the delightful sweetness of dark chocolate combined with praline. When the sudden acidity of yuzu whips your taste buds into a frenzy and when you bite into that crunchy base. The first taste has passed and as you cast a furtive glance at the other guests you'll see that they too are bewitched. So, you plunge your spoon into the dream log once more…. wondering if there will be any left for Christmas day!