"With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you choose. But get drunk.” Charles Baudelaire proclaimed, and if we are to believe green fairies and rumours, he knew what he was talking about. It’s actually quite a short list but you could now easily add the wonderful cocktails concocted for you at the Burgundy Paris bar.


"One evening the soul of wine sang"


Not that we want to open the doors to temptation, but the evenings are slowly drawing in and getting darker. As the sounds of the city fade our bar, Le Baudelaire prepares for the night. The lamps are lit, small candles are placed on the dark glass tables, and amber, gold and vermeil liqueurs, wine and champagne enhance the intimate space. Why not choose one of our cocktails to start your evening? We’re delighted to present our latest creation for early autumn 2015; Pretty Woman, Cognac Fever and Remember Me.


Unforgettable and sophisticated


Ladies first! And, especially for them, our Pretty Woman cocktail perfectly marries the strength of vodka with notes of kiwi and almond to create a lemony flavor that is toned and sensual. More masculine in design, Cognac Fever adds a manly boost of ginger and pepper to the powerful aroma of eau-de-vie des Charentes – it is said that the combination of fruit and rhizome have aphrodisiac effects. Champagne and Saint-Germain liquer is the particularly subtle blend used for our Remember Me cocktail. The combination sublimates the flower flavors of this Alpine liqueur made from elderflowers while maintaining the delicately bubbly base of the champagne.
So, in keeping with the sentiments of the poet - get drunk on precious flavors, smile and enjoy good company in the warm and intimate setting of the Baudelaire at Burgundy Paris.



Hotel Burgundy Paris, a 5 star hotel in Paris, at the heart of the 1st district