When the summer sun bestows its welcome warmth upon us, an almost irresistible desire for languor takes hold. In our ear is the sweet call of the outdoors, of verdant softness and the coolness of a breeze that stirs the leaves to life. A heady scent of wild strawberries revives the memory of childhood summers. We have all this awaiting you. In the shade of a beautiful tree, surrounded by ivy climbing the trellis, installed between garden tools and boxes of organic vegetables, come and enjoy cool freshness in the quiet intimacy of our patio. Get away from it all this summer to greener pastures, to a place that mirrors the colourful vegetable garden of the Château de Courances, from which we receive the wholesome produce for our hotel’s kitchens.




Moments in the garden

Shaded, airy, with abundant greenery, our patio welcomes you for tea, dinner, a break in a place that evokes the countryside here in the heart of Paris. In the morning, while the sun is still shy, after a long day of work, visiting or shopping, come and enjoy the relaxing and invigorating atmosphere of this little corner of paradise.





Enjoy the delicacies prepared for the occasion by our chefs. How about a lychee tea, a summer cocktail or a rhubarb-hibiscus sorbet? Unless you prefer to succumb to the charm of an al fresco dinner, where pot herb ravioli accompanies the langoustine with a fervour that will tingle your taste buds!